Owning An Alpaca

Anyone who spends time with these gracious, intelligent and amazing animals soon find that these South American camelids have a strong influence on ones calming temperament.

You can purchase Alpacas for:

  • breeding purposes and selling progeny
  • production of quality (and quantity) of fleece
  • stude male use over other studs females
  • use in tourist industry
  • use in protection of lambs against foxes
  • use as a clean lawn mower producing excellent fertiliser in its bi-product
  • use as an add-on pet (alpacas are a herd animal and need companionship)

Where can I keep an Alpaca?

Your alpaca can be lodged:

  • in your own backyard (provided it has sufficient area)
  • agisted with other alpaca breeders…many available in the Hawkesbury Blue Mountains region
  • allowed to graze on open range with other alpacas, sheep, goats or horses

Thinking about buying an Alpaca?

The price of an alpaca can vary greatly depending on sex and quality:

  • wethered males or intended wethers are the lowest priced animal ranging from $300 to $500
  • female alpacas range between $1000 and $8000 depending on quality with top prize winning animals being in excess of that figure
  • stud makes of quality range from $2500
  • package deals of mother and cria, and wether and females are always available at many studs